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Tuesday, May 03 2016 @ 09:41 am BST

Tomorrow is "Smurf Emancipation Day" in UK

Tommorrow has been declared "Smurf Emancipation Day"

See how tibet really is in this harrowing film by Tash Despa, a Tibetan Brit who bravely went back to Tibet and filmed this Film which in terrefying detail shows us the orwellian nightmare which is prenet day Tibet... Film Here

Happy smurfs are due to descend on the Chinese embassy in London to demonstarte about the very real suffering of Tibetans inside Tibet.

China's outrageous and insane one sided conversation with it's self continues as it rubs salt into the wounds of the Tibetan people (1.5 million whome have been slaughtered by the Chinese since 1959) with their twisting of truth and of history by renaming the invasion and subsequent subjugation of Tibet and the subsequent elimination of Tibetan culture into a "Liberation Day"

Only the truely insane or seriously delluded could even begin to agree with Chinese propaganda.

Press release follows....

China's communist govt. launches so called " Serfs Emancipation Day" on 28th March, forcing Tibetans inside Tibet to celebrate the day just as they did during the Losar. Quiet plainly, this is a shameless propaganda to white-wash China's illegal military occupation of Tibet since 1959 and to subject Tibetans inside Tibet to further sufferings with extreme brutalities (i.e. recent video footage by DIIR).

To react and make mockery of this sick propagandic joke, Smurfs Emancipation day (not China's serfs emancipation) is being organised. Some Tibetans and our friends will be dressed in full smurf  (cartoon character) dress and will act like Smurf in some funny way but at the same time, with deeper political meanings, that is the sufferings of Tibetans and the tragic reality inside Tibet.
Therefore, this time our gathering in front of the Chinese embassy will be different from our usual shouting sort of protest. Smurf emancipation is a kind of a political satire, involving jokes and acting. Please do join us to redicule China's declaration of Serf Emancipation Day.  Please come strictly in blue shirt & white trouser,  bring Tibetan national flag and we will have  smurf slogans, banner and masks ready for you! After the Smurf action, we could also join G20's Put People First march/rally in central London as a Tibet contingent. More info click here
 facebook event link: http://www.facebook.com/editevent.php?success=1&picture&eid=59790273219&new&m=1#/event.php?eid=59790273219
Smurf dress link:
Date: 28 March 2009
Time: 09:45 - 11:00
Location: Opposite Chinese Embassy
Street: 49-51 Portland Place, London , W1B 1JL
nearest tube: Great Portland Street and Regent's Park  However in Tibet today the communists are forcing pep


The Smurfs have not really been emancipated.
Neither have Tibetans.

After fifty years of peaceful resistance in Tibet, the Chinese Government is still so fearful of Tibetan protests that it feels the need to create a national holiday in a desperate attempt to rewrite history.

‘Serf Emancipation Day’ is a propaganda exercise designed to portray Tibet as a place saved from a brutal dictatorship when in fact the opposite is the case. In 1950, 40,000 Chinese soldiers invaded Tibet, a country roughly the size of Western Europe, intent on exploiting its vast natural resources and gaining a strategic foothold in the region. During the Tibetan Uprising of 1959, an estimated 26,000 innocent Tibetan men, women and children were killed by the vast Chinese army, and their spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, was forced into exile.

Since then, the Chinese Government have ruled Tibet with an iron fist, stripping the country of its resources while jailing and torturing any Tibetans who speak up to demand their freedom. China sidesteps questions about human rights from Governments, journalists and the United Nations by claiming that Tibetans lived as ‘serfs’ prior to the invasion, and that Tibetans now benefit from the industrial and economic might of China.

But in reality, Tibetans are still being denied their basic human rights as China floods Tibet with troops in an attempt to deter dissent. 2008 saw the biggest uprising in Tibet for fifty years, as over one hundred peaceful protests spread across Tibet, involving thousands of people. These protests were met with a brutal crackdown; the indiscriminate killing of Tibetans of all ages designed to scare them into keeping silent about their rights and freedoms.

In 2009, thousands of protesters have again protested against Chinese rule in Tibet, but the media blackout imposed by the Chinese authorities has prevented many of these protests being seen by the world’s media. Eyewitness testimony and rare photos and videos from Tibet confirm that thousands have been detained under the ‘Strike Hard’ campaign, with Tibetans getting life sentences simply for sending email to the outside world.

‘Serf Emancipation Day’ is just another cynical attempt by the Chinese Government to create a smokescreen obscuring what is really happening to the Tibetan people and their ancient, unique and peaceful culture.
If Tibetans really were emancipated, it would be easy for the Chinese Government to show this; they could simply allow foreign  visitors, journalists and United Nations observers into Tibet. The fact that to this day they deny independent observers access to Tibet underlines the obvious question:

What are they so desperate to hide?

On 6 October 1950, 40,000 smiling, cheerful Gargmelian troops wandered, completely invited and welcomed, into the Smurf Village, where Smurfs had lived peacefully for many centuries. The Smurfs immediately organised a huge party, dancing around singing, as they knew they had been freed from the evil tyranny of their slave master Papa Smurf, who always had the biggest mushroom hut in the village, and got way more episodes dedicated to him than any of the other smurfs. After the glorious and harmonious Emancipation of the Smurfs, Chairman Gargamel made the Smurf Village a much more manageable size by taking two thirds of it away, and leaving the little blue people to happily govern the SAR (Smurf Autonomous Region). The evil Papa Smurf left in disguise and the Smurfs rejoiced, never once thinking to hide away pictures of him or anything like that because they loved Chairman  Gargamel very, very much indeed.

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