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Tuesday, May 03 2016 @ 10:58 pm BST

Vigil held in London to show solidarity with Tibetans in Tibet and to mark the first year in office of the 14th Kashag

Solidarity Vigil opposite the Chinese Embassy, London, 8 August 2012

 LONDON: Tibetans and supporters gathered opposite the Chinese Embassy in London yesterday to show solidarity with Tibetans in Tibet and to mark the first anniversary of the 14th Kashag led by Kalon Tripa Dr Lobsang Sangay. The vigil was organised by the Tibetan Community in Britain.

Mr Thubten Samdup, the London based Representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, addressing the gathering urged Tibetans to reflect on the urgency of the situation inside Tibet and to consider what each individual could contribute towards the Tibetan cause. He also thanked the Tibet supporters for attending the vigil and requested them to continue to support the Tibetan people in their struggle. Mr Samdup also drew the audience’s attention to the message from the Kalon Tripa marking the first year in office of the 14th Kashag which had been circulated earlier in the day by the Office of Tibet, London.

The gathering was also addressed by Mr Pempa Lobsang, the Chairman of the Tibetan Community in Britian. Mr Lobsang reminded all the Tibetans present to consider any suggestions that they had for the Second Special General Meeting of Tibetans being held in Dharamsala next month to discuss ways and means to deal with the urgent and critical situation inside Tibet, and to present them at the community meeting being held in London this Friday.

The speeches were followed by mass prayers led by monks from the Tashilhunpo Monastery and the singing of the Tibetan National Anthem.


MOSCOW: In Moscow observing the triple events: to demonstrate solidarity with Tibetan people suffering in occupied-Tibet, to mark the first anniversary of Katri Dr. Lobsang Sangay in the 14th Kashag, and to launch the Flame of Truth relay in Russian Federation, the prayer and candle light offering was organised at Open World Center in the capital of Russia on 8 August.

Speaking at the gathering of Russian Buddhists, friends and supporters of Tibet and Tibetans at Open World Center, Representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Russia & Commonwealth of Independent States, Dr. Nawang Rabgyal, introduced the triple events and spoke on the devolution of political power from His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama to the democratically elected political leader of Central Tibetan Administration and about making of a smooth transition with the free and fair elections of Tibetan leaders. Speaking on Tibet issue, Representative Rabgyal narrated on the current sad situation in occupied-Tibet since the invasion of Tibet in 1949-50 and Beijing government’s hard-line policies in Tibet: cultural genocide, environmental destruction, socio-economic marginalization and political repression.


Office of Tibet in Moscow holds prayer service and flame of truth relay in Moscow on 8 August 2012

When Representative Rabgyal, showing a picture of the most recent self- immolator 26-year old Tibetan woman Dolkar Tso (Kyl), spoke about a common demand of 46 self-immolators in different Tibetan areas since February 27, 2009, the audience was very much moved and sad to learn the prevailing grim situation in Tibet.

In support of and solidarity with Tibetan people in Tibet, the prayers, including Dentsik Monlam (Words of Truth) was offered with candle light and Tsog offering in Open World Center.

In conclusion, while delivering the vote of thanks, Representative Rabgyal pointed out that the Tibet issue is not only political issue; it is more than that; and it is associated with the preservation of the Buddhist cultural heritage, which belongs to the world, and which has much to contribute to our modern world and civilization. He was joined by Geshe Nawang Thugje, Spiritual Teacher at Tibet Culture & Information Center, who spoke about the importance of supporting Tibet issue for the preservation of the Buddha-Dharma in the world. It was followed by a brief speech by Mrs. Nadya Berkengeym, Vice-President of Tibet House in Moscow, who urged the Buddhists in Russia in leading to support the Tibetan struggle for their fundamental rights to live in peace and dignity.

The Flame of Truth relay in Russian Federation was commenced in Moscow on 8th August, touring through Red Square, where located Kremlin, the office of Russian President. The torch was received at Open World Center, where launched the signature campaign for the petition to be submitted to United Nations. The Flame of Truth torch will tour to Kalmyk Republic from Moscow on 2nd September, Tibetan Democracy Day, and from there to Tuva Republic on 8th September for signature campaign. On line signature campaign has been started in Russian-speaking-world through 4 websites in Russian language www.savetibet.ru, www.flameoftruth.ru, www.tibethouse.ru, and www.clouds.ru linking to the main website of the Tibetan petition to UN www.thepetitionsite.

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